Kira McCracken

Kira McCracken


Establishing Kira Joy’s Kitchen has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Since I was young enough to hold a spatula I’ve had a curiosity to explore in the kitchen. Throughout my childhood I accompanied my mom to the store, lingered down every aisle and spent too much time at the “Food Network” kiosk where I’d browse collections of recipes, print them off and test them out in my kitchen, starting at about age 7. When I was about 10 or 11 my parents left me home for a few hours and by the time they returned I had attempted (somewhat successfully!) to bake my first Boston Cream Pie.

I love food because it brings people together. It’s more than just the satisfying combination of tasty flavors. Food brings unity in a home. It’s a gathering force. It softens hearts. Opens conversations. It beckons all to the table, spans all cultures, connects all humanity.

Creating food is my artform. It’s an expression of the passion and curiosity that’s inside of me.

And that’s why I was determined to find a remedy once food began to harm me. When I was 19 I began developing severe health issues and the doctors were perplexed. I started doing my own research and learned about a complex word: “gluten.” I began to do an elimination diet and within a month of not eating gluten my health issues resolved. I haven’t touched a speck of gluten since that day. I was self-diagnosed with Celiac disease and thus began my journey of gluten free cooking and baking.

I was determined to not let a gluten free diet diminish my passion for good food. I began testing recipes, exploring gluten free cookbooks and blogs, and started to develop a repertoire of tasty, satisfying recipes (be sure you check out my cookbook!). I was determined that no gluten would not mean no flavor. At first people were skeptical of my gluten-free recipes (this was before GF was a health trend!). But over time I won my community and family over and they started urging me to consider starting a business that catered to others like me who love quality food but need to live without gluten.

Thus began the journey of Kira Joy’s Kitchen. After many years of planning I have opened for business! It’s my hope that if you have celiac disease or a gluten allergy (or even if you don’t!) you would be delighted by my sweet treats and surprised that gluten free can be just as ooey, gooey and chewy as any other baked good!

Browse through my menu of options and drop an email my way to place your order!

With a full heart and great joy,

Kira Joy McCracken